A Three-Session Course in Discovering & Living God’s Purpose for Your Life

Essentials is a series of collaborative sessions examining the story of God and the story of us. Through short teaching segments and guided individual practicum, you will rewrite the story of your life, identify your core values and spiritual gifts and develop a personal mission statement. We will then focus in on the habits that will set you up for success and propel you toward the fulfillment of God’s dreams for your life.

Each session includes free refreshments and free childcare for kids ages 0-3rd grade.

Session 1: Where God’s Story Meets My Story
Session 2: Discovering My Purpose (Must first attend Session 1)
Session 3: Developing Habits for On-Purpose Living (Must first attend Sessions 1&2)

You will be attending one session per date. So the first date, Session 1, the second date, Session 2. etc. All three sessions will be taught simultaneously on each date in different areas of the church. So don’t worry if you can’t make it on one date. Just catch your next session on the following date.